For current country only, Force the AI to only spend army XP on template design, Force the AI to only spend army XP on equipment design, Get the address of selected group's front debug ID. I know with WtT you can now add them by spending CP, but a lot of them still require skill levels and certain prerequisite traits to unlock other traits. If set to "auto", will pick automatically. IV'. Lists currently active flags in the console windows. A weight of 0 will result in it never appearing for randomly-generated unit leaders. - The situation is the Christian path is democratic. ideology = The ideology type used by the country leader role. hsv: The command converts HSV to RGB. target = / Which country receives the equipment. 0-50, window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name], Pauses the game after X hours have passed after command is called, Gives max war score in all wars for the country, Command no longer exists as of patch 1.9.1, Add specified country tag to your interest, Removes specified country tag from your interest, Prints AI desire for ideas to log. GFX = The graphical reference of the picture of the leader, taken from a file in /Hearts of Iron IV/interface/*.gfx. Grants the specified country a license to produce the specified equipment from the current scope. The list of effects may be outdated. and our type = The equipment type the variant is of. Used in the province = Affect the specified province. autonomy_state = The type of autonomy state to set.freedom_level = The new freedom level value. Executes contained effects on every country that meets the limit and is at war with the country this is contained in. For example, let's say that the country history file has the following: In this case, TAG_liberal_leader will be the character that gets assigned to be a leader. Several other commands previously mentioned, such as event, are useful in modding too. Clears the cap on the template, allowing it to have an unlimited amount of divisions. Displays a list of every character meeting the specified limitation and recruited by the current country. force_allow_recruiting = Whether the locked template can have units deployed using it without allowing editing. trait = The trait to remove. fallback = Defaults to no, if yes each option will try to fallback to the next available one. Never shown to the player. planning_skill = The planning skill of the leader. Ace localization replacements : [Prev.GetCallsign] [From.GetFullname] [From.GetAceType] [From.GetHerHis] [From.GetMissionRegion] If that is impossible, using localisation is an alternative. id = The id given to the unit if created via the create_unit effect. defender = / The defender state.attacker_win = Makes the attacker the winner.defender_win = Makes the defender the winner. command to call them up. desc = The localisation used as the rule's description. Removes the specified building in the current state. Defines the effects that would be executed on the unit leader when the trait is removed. Political Power: +100 You can not store "infantry_equipment_2" in a variable and use it here. The effects here must be used within a scope that's specified within the notes. Makes everything regarding agencies instant. Optional. A faction leader in HOI4 is the leader of a faction. The effects here must be used within a country scope. Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision. desc = The description of the leader.picture = The graphical reference to the leader portrait.expire = When the leader dies in history.ideology = The sub-ideology of the country leader. If a character is not intended to have one of the roles initially but get it later on, it's best to define them as an initially empty character, such as the following for a country leader: This character should still be recruited with recruit_character = TAG_new_leader This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The difference between ideology types is mostly cosmetic, changing the description shown when hovering over the ideology icon and, if defined so, the icon itself. Removes the current scope from the specified technology sharing group. If the current country is independent, will do nothing. Grants the specified technology to the current scope. traits = { }The traits the leader spawns with. (with the exception of convoy: 'ae 1000 convoy_1') To add ships, consider using instantconstruction(ic) (ic also effects AI). If there are several characters that fill this role, then the first-recruited one is selected. Makes the current operative be captured by a specific country. Enables an ability that can be used by the unit leader in combat. However you might be able to do so with console commands. capital = The capital state of the breakaway country. OR: Optional. Does not work with the character ID. Makes this specified trait show up in the combat menu among other bonuses. These can only be used with characters of the country leader type. This includes the default assumed scope, so, for example, ROOT, Targets the current scope where it's used. States that are owned but not controlled will be transferred to the released country, but won't be controlled by it. Optional, only can be defined for ships. Example: You create a variant of 'Matilda LP'-tank with better Armor and Main Gun and name it 'Matilda LP Mk. These don't serve as effects, but rather as scopes that change for whom the effects are being executed. Sets the specified character to also act as a country leader, promoting to the party leader if specified. Optional. Army scope: small = The sprite used as an advisor. Adds legitimacy to a government in exile. These scopes are used within effect scopes to control the execution of effects. Makes the specified trait be marked as a parent, making it be required to pick the current trait and drawing the line in the menu. There are two primary ways to ensure about creating it: Similarly to all other sprites, animated portraits can be done by creating a frameAnimatedSpriteType instead of a regular spriteType. The equipment must be unlocked by the producer for the effect to succeed. Commonly, the traits = { } block is used, where each country leader trait that the character has is listed, separated with a whitespace, as traits = { my_trait_1 my_trait_2 }. Faction leader of the faction the country is a part of. Adds the specified amount of manpower to the current state. Changes the current state's name to the specified name. rotation = The rotation of the entity in radians. controller = Prioritises provinces controlled by this country. all = Whether to free all operatives or not (Defaults to no). Researches a technology from research slot or all. trait = The trait to add. Can be chained indefinitely as PREV.PREV. Recruitment cannot take place outside of country history. Where triggers do not need to be repeatedly checked. Adds the specified amount of command power to the current scope. Affects AI. large = The sprite used as a general. This includes experience. Print out all console commands to game.log file. Optional.random_days = / Adds a random number (between 0 and random_days, inclusive) of days to the scheduled fire time. modifier = The opinion modifier to remove. If the trait is manually assigned only, these can be omitted. EQ_TYPE is a bit more complicated, it is being replaced by a scripted localization. Sets the current war support value for the current scope. Deprecated. Note that if you wish to change the ruling party of another country, you will first need to switch to them with the tag command. Unless specified, all changes made by effects are made only once, they are not continuous like modifiers are. army_ratio = The size of the land army that the breakaway country gets. 1st: add_party_popularity 100 fascism. UPDATE: Cheat does not work with the >1.10 version of the game. Extends the duration of the timed idea by the specified amount. However, they're considered effects anyway rather than history arguments, as they can be used in if statements. Creates an operative for the current scope with the specified attributes. Old capital is remembered, if not specified otherwise. This is one of the only HOI 4 console commands we advise not using, as it really strips away the fun from a game designed around fighting wars. Adds maneuver skill to the current navy leader. Modifies the resource output of the specified building for the current scope. Do code about civil war make a new country. trait = The trait to add. allow_spawning_on_enemy_provs = yesAllows the units to be created on provinces owned by the enemy. and our y = The Y position of the entity. Unit Leaders can be kept by using triggers with, Adds specified number of nukes to the country's stockpile, Nukes the specified province or a province in the needed state. It is preferable to create a new file rather than overwriting base game files. Adds logistics skill to the current unit leader. If, for example, you want to replace the leader of the nonalligned party, it'll look like this: completion_reward = { create_country_leader = { name = " (name of the leader)" desc = picture = (filename of the portrait you'll add in the gfx/leaders/ (countrytag) directory) expire = "1965.1.1" ideology = despotism traits = { } Optional, defaults to false. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Each file in there contains localisation keys with values that actually appear in-game assigned to them. Uses a special interface displaying the current unit leader portrait. debug as a console command will turn on debug mode which can provide information about certain database entries, such as focuses, national spirits (and other ideas such as laws or designers), or technologies when hovering over them, as well as obtaining information when hovering over a province of IDs of the state and the province, as well as the 3-letter country tag of the country it belongs to. character = The character to transfer. But the DLC/patch will add that option. Executes contained effects on every state that meets the limit and is owned by the country this is contained in. traits = { }The traits the leader spawns with. Adds an operation token towards the country, allowing access to more intel or applying a targeted modifier. IV'. Syntax leader [fire] [shock] [maneuver] [siege] [country tag] Search Our Database of 304 EU4 Console Commands All Commands >> Examples leader 3 3 6 1 The specified amount of experience is added to the Leader/General you currently have selected. Removes a claim of the current scope from the specified state. available_to_spy_master = Whether the operative can be recruited by the spy master. Checked in the scope of the unit leader. The default faction leaders in-game are the United Kingdom leading the Allies, German Reich leading the Axis and the Soviet Union leading the Comintern. To add modified equipment, you have to address it by given name. ws [<amount>] ws 50. Adds the specified country leader trait to the character. Creates an import for the current scope with the specified resource and from the specified exporter. In regards to army leaders, a small portrait is also mandatory to exist as officer corps allow assigning officers as ministers. keep_unit_leaders_trigger = { }Trigger block checked for every unit leader that forces them to be kept if they meet the triggers. By default, these character slots exist in base game: idea_token = my_character is the ID used for the character when treated as an idea within this particular slot. Interactive corporate website. Sets owner and controller of the state to the given country, Sets the owner of the state to the given country, Sets the controller of the state to the given country.
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